Cheerobics®  Be Fit, Be a Cheerleader

Cheerobics® is the unique fitness workout that combines Aerobics and Cheerleading techniques using pompoms. Our DVDs & Classes are great for all adults looking to get fit whilst having fun.


Cheerleading DVD as seen on TV

Cheerobics® is the unique fitness programme created by Jessica Zoo. The programme is designed to teach you how to be a cheerleader by combining cheerleading and aerobics, using pom poms!

You can nowwork out and be a cheerleader with the Cheerobics®  DVD Home Experience: 2 DVDs, your own pair of professional pompoms and an amazing selection of high energy music hits such as 'Party Rock Anthem', 'On The Floor', 'Fireworks', 'Edge of Glory', 'Save The World'

It's great for cheerleaders who wish to improve their fitness and arm motion technique. It's great for anyone that wants to be a cheerleader, and keep fit.


Intro: Get a quick overview of your jam packed Cheerobics DVD Home Experience

Motion Technique:
Before you do press play on the workout, make sure you watch this tutorial to make sure you're doing everything safely, and pick up some real cheerleading tips!

Learn the Moves:
Go to this section to learn all the moves that you will use during the routine.

  it's time to GET FIT and shake those pompoms! The workout is divided into 4 sections: Warmup (10min), Cardio (25min), Floor (15min), Stretch (5min)


UK Cheer: The Truth Behind the Pompoms: Forget EVERYTHING you thought about cheerleading, and join us on a wonderful journey to discover one of the UK's biggest sporting communities and find out how the pompoms really fit into the pictures.

Pro Routine: Join Zoo Fever to learn a section of their award-winning pom dance routine, and cheer like a real pro! 

Behind the scenes: join us behind the scenes with an exclusive interview with founder Jessica Zoo, and see for yourself how we have created this unique fitness programme, and the fun we had on the DVD shoot!