Cheerobics®  Be Fit, Be a Cheerleader

Cheerobics® is the unique fitness workout that combines Aerobics and Cheerleading techniques using pompoms. Our DVDs & Classes are great for all adults looking to get fit whilst having fun.



Cheerobics® is not just about waving pom poms (even though let's face it, that's the best part!). The aim of all our classes is to teach you the basics of cheerleading in a context where you're having fun and getting into great shape.

After launching Cheerobics® Fitness, our classic class, we discovered that there were lots of people that wanted a little bit more of the cheerleading dance aspect added to the classes. This was especially true for children, parties, events and classes where some people wanted more of a focus on choreography.

We listened, we asked, we experimented. With the help and feedback from our Instructors and the Cheerobics® Team, we are now proud to present you with the complete Cheerobics® Classes family!


60min of high intensity pompom fun that mixes cheerleading with aerobics burning up to 700 calories per session. The class includes cardio workout, as well as floor conditioning and intensive stretch. (Suitable for ages 16+)

A shorter version of the classic Cheerobics® class, usually lasting 30 or 45 minutes and focusing on the cardio element of the programme.  (Suitable for ages 16+)

A class that focuses on cheer dance, building up to the performance of a choreographed chorus-and-verse routine. Classes are taught continuously so you are still getting the benefit of a cardio workout. (Suitable for ages 12+)

Introducing cheerleading to children through simple choreography, games and cheer technique. The class works on developing fitness skills whilst having lots of fun and teaching them to fall in love with cheerleading. (Suitable for ages 4-11)

Less focus on the Fitness, more focus on the fun. The choreography is very easy for anyone to join in, with the focus is on fun and learning how to be a cheerleader. Party classes last between 1-2 hours and are suitable for all ages.